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My 3rd Week

My Job at the SALC and Kanda University

A view of the multicultural center, CafeSalc, and ESPA
“The Park” on the second floor
Some yellow couches, board game area, and the bar (which serves tea or coffee when used)
The yellow couches where I do most of my work

With three weeks of my internship completed, I have now settled into a routine. The hours I work are 10 to 5 Monday through Thursday. When I arrive, I usually greet the desk staff on the first floor and grab my name-tag before heading up to the second floor to begin my work. The first half of my day is spent in the English Lounge talking to students who come to me for speaking practice. During lunchtime, there are no scheduled classes so I try to join student clubs when I can. These clubs include Study Buddies, English Speaking Society, and group meetings at the English Speaking Practice Area (ESPA) where each club has a variety of activities they do to engage students and encourage them to speak English.

Afterwards, I head off to eat my own lunch at one of the many cafeterias on campus. Each one has a wide variety of selection at a good cost and I am able to eat for only 385 yen. I then return to the SALC to work on assignments given to me from faculty. One assignment I was tasked with was the creation of a Google Form that could be used to collect student data from the Risk-Taking Passport. Students are given a small booklet that contains challenges for them to complete and allows them to rank the challenges based on difficulty. My other projects include data entry, video editing, and assisting faculty with technology-related matters.

Some challenges from the Risk-Taking Passport

I end the day where I started, back at the English Lounge. Until it’s time to go home, I spend the rest of the day talking to students. The English Lounge hosts many types of students with different backgrounds and majors. Obviously, the most common major that I see is English, but I have seen other students with majors such as International Communication, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and even Thai. The level of English also varies, but I was surprised to see that all students are able hold a conversation even with just one year of college level English under their belt. Many students are able to tell me about the kinds of clubs they are in and the sports they play, ranging from Jazz band to soccer to Kpop dance.

Disney Sea

The entrance to Disney Sea

On Sunday, I traveled to Tokyo Disney Sea with Ian and Tatum bright and early in the raining morning. Japan is currently in the rainy season and we were very prepared with our own umbrellas and waterproof bags (except for my shoes as I learned). Fortunately, this Disneyland is only 25 minutes away from my station by train unlike the 2 day drive back home and we were able to stay for most of the day. Tokyo Disney is split up into two parks, Disney Sea and Disney Land, and after much debate we decided on Disney Sea as it supposedly featured unique characters and rides compared to any other Disney resort.

The largest shopping center in Disney, Emporio

Among the places we visited included Ariel’s Palace in Mermaid Lagoon, Aladdin at the Arabian Coast, The Journey to the Center of the Earth in Mysterious Island, Indiana Jones at the Lost River Delta, and the Tower of Terror at the American Waterfront. To make the most of our time, we utilized the fast pass system for the bigger rides and spent the extra time looking for food and treats, shopping, and riding smaller rides. In just about one day, we were able to see every area in Disney Sea but we would need far more than just one day to see every performance or ride. Perhaps I have an excuse to come back.

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  1. Beautiful pictures…such interesting info. I feel like I am there..


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